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Innovation Grants

This is the fifteenth year of Innovation Grants for Hamden Educators, proudly sponsored by The Hamden Education Foundation. Our purpose in granting these funds is to encourage educators to implement exciting and often long-cherished ideas for their students. The Foundation strongly believes in offering educators opportunities to enrich their curriculum and professional practice in ways directly affecting students’ day-to-day classroom experiences. The amount of funding available this year is $7,500. The awards are up to a maximum of $750.

Please see application attached.

Kindly submit applications to:  laceto@znclaw.com

Application cycle for 2018-2019 grants will begin fall 2018. .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Wendy Ocone at (203) 407-2202 or Leslie Aceto at:  laceto@znclaw.com

We look forward to your application.

We recommend that you first formulate your answers in a word processing document, and then either forward your word document to the following email address or mail it to the HEF mailbox.

Hamden Education Foundation
P.O. Box 185783
Hamden, CT 06518-5783

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1. Please include what Board of Education goal this project addresses and describe the purpose of activity or project (including materials needed).

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3. What will be the impact and expectation(s) for improved student learning?

4. Please include a budget as to how the funds will be spent (do not include funds for food or personal compensation):

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